Holy Pure Mathematics, Batman!

It’s a Math Major!

As of today I am officially a double major in Mathematics and Mass Media Studies. Say THAT 5 times fast.

I realized yesterday that I have not been feeling fulfilled in what I am studying. I find the subjects in Mass Media Studies to be very interesting and thought provoking, but just not in a certain “hard science” way. I realized that the only thing I regret regarding my switch away from Computer Science (besides late night coding sessions + beer in the lab) was losing the study of math.

This is very exciting for me, not only will I get to stay at FSU for at least another year past next spring, but I am pursuing a study I always knew I “should.” Staying around is good for me too, work and side projects have been picking up speed, it would be a shame to go just as the momentum has built up. It also allows me more time to stay in college and have fun! I really am not ready to leave in just a year, I’m not even 21 yet!


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