a pathetic rant v. apathetic rant

I recently read this article from reddit.

It struck a nerve, so I wrote this frustrating rant in some comments, its transcribed here:

You know why we don’t do anything? Wanna know why my generation aren’t activists?

Because we found out that all these causes are bullshit. At the top of each organization is some self serving prick or group of pricks busy fucking somebody else.

I found out the news was just as “real” as reality tv before reality tv became popular. I found out that there are no major differences between the two major parties. I found out that the EFF is just as guilty of spreading “Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt” as the **AA. I learned that my votes don’t count anyway, that marching doesn’t send a powerful message anymore. I learned that the only way to make things right is to buy politicians.

I learned that half of this article is trite political bullshit. I learned in elementary school that the guy dressed up as a king signalling the end of times was crazy, and I have since learned that so is any normal dressed person claiming that the sky is falling. I learned that fear is the easiest way to control the people around you, and to be very wary of any organization using fear to inspire you.

I am the exact demographic that was rioting in the late 60s, but I DONT GIVE A FUCK. I think you’ll find that I’m not alone in my demographic.