This is a more mundane blog than my other one at enja. It will be more frequently updated. I think blogs have a quality to time relationship, where quality is the dependent variable and time is the independent variable. I normally don’t update my other blog often because it takes too long to write posts that I feel are of some level of quality, or at least depth. Think of this as a quicky.

I’ll start it by defining illathonian. It’s a silly word my friend in high school made up. Its just the philosophy of all things “ill”. I also like the sound of it, and its got my name as well. I am a disciple of the illathonian principle. Doesn’t it have a ring to it?

I started smoking again. Duh. Can’t quite everything at the same time I say, and seeing as I have to quit a girl, well I don’t need something like a nicotene fit to distract me. It’s all just excuse, I wonder when I will quit for real. It gets better each time, but there is something more deep rooted. Its not illathonian, well, because its not ill. It makes me ill.


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