new year new semester

Next week starts Spring ’07. Had I stuck with the four year plan it should have been my last semester. Thank god that’s not the plan. It looks like I’ll probably be here for 4 more semesters, including this one. This could be one semester shorter depending on what happens with higher level math classes, but its still plenty of time.

This coming semester should be my most exciting academically so far. I am taking Discrete Math 2, Optimization, and Linear Algebra. Each of these classes interests me because they are all very important for computing. Hopefuly through them I will get used to the formalistic terminology and way of thinking that will allow me to understand the interesting higher level concepts and projects out there.

I’m also taking Business Chinese and Chinese Calligraphy, two classes which should help me continue to improve my Chinese, especially with respect to writing.

Another nice thing about the semester is that my classes are well timed and I have a relatively good work schedule. There is definately some progress going on at work. For one David and I got new computers that we loaded with Ubuntu. God damn it rocks my socks, I’ll never look back on windows.

Speaking of other new things I bought a complete new skateboard, its been years since I did that, always upgrading. Now my old board can be used for people to play with, but its not in good enough condition for serious usage.

And of course a very important newness is being single. I lost a great girl, and now its time to move on. At least I’ll have more time to focus on progressive longevity, creating and producing, and figuring myself out. No emoness here :P

Yep, 07 should be good.  Lets just hope I can put the smokes down.