(happy) new year


We will see what it brings. Things don’t look so good right now, having broken up with Teresa.

I have to look forward to what I am going to accomplish this year. I want it to be the year I actually put things on the internet, the projects I’ve been dreaming about.

Also I’m excited about going to Holland in the summer, my family should be there from may 31 to June 17th give or take some days. Also it is possible that I could go to China for an opportunity this summer. Whether or not that happens is too early, but it depends on the contact, and then what I would be sacrificing here as far as work would be.

I want this semester to be very productive, I want to use it as a sort of measure for what I can do. Especially as David and I pick up speed with our programming projects and I start to learn more in my mass media major.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a happy new year, mine was hard, but its gotta be for the best.