Introduction to Public Speaking

This semester I enrolled in a class called Introduction to Public Speaking. This is the only requirement I have for my major in Mass Media Studies that has not been completed (aside from the major courses)

The idea of the class is not so bad, and my good friend Daniel and girlfriend Teresa are both in the class. It is because of the class that I even have said girlfriend. All this aside I am pretty bitter with the class. My first speech recieved a grade of 84% and my second speech an 80%. I think both got lower points then they deserved. It is all because I stubbornly refused to do obvious signposting, sacrificing points for my principles.

There are 3 speeches in the class, the first being informative (I did this on Terschelling) the second being persuasive (I did this on the futility of DRM) and the final a special occasion speech. For this speech we were restricted by less rules, and I took advantage.

Jeremy came up with the idea for and helped with the “plot” of my speech. Today I presented it to the class, and while I feel my presentation of the first half suffered a couple stumbles, I really nailed the ending.

The speech was so enjoyed by the class that I had requests for the manuscript, and I decided it might be a fun thing to share. I posted it to my website and you can access it either from the side bar to the right, or from this link:

How Jeremy Dyckman Saved Christmas

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