I am a freelance toolsmith, focused on data visualization. I enjoy recognizing bottlenecks in creative processes and building tools to address them. My biggest project in this regards is Block Builder, an in-browser editor for making and sharing d3.js examples. More of my open source projects can be found on my GitHub. I often share my thoughts on about data, code and design on Twitter and Medium.

Aside from writing code I love to bring people together, mainly through the Bay Area d3 Meetup and the annual d3.unconf. I’ve found that while d3.js is just a JavaScript library it tends to attract a diverse set of open-minded people that are really fun to talk to and work with!

Previously I spent 3 years helping to build Lever from the ground up, from helping to architect data solutions to fixing CSS. I really enjoyed building internal tools that helped everyone from fellow engineers to Sales and customer support be more efficient. I’m proudest of my efforts designing and building the reporting features in Lever.

Before moving to the SF Bay Area I got my Masters degree in Scientific Computing at Florida State University, where I learned how to think about computing in ways that continue to impact my decisions daily.

Disclaimer for recruiters: At this point I am not interested in pursuing full-time opportunities, I have too many projects satisfying diverse interests to set aside. That said I do love sharing what I’ve learned and am open to consult on all things data visualization.



I like to program, visualize data and speak languages (English, Dutch or Chinese). I particularly like to combine the three interests, and sometimes when I’m talking to my brother, the three languages. I believe that everything in life comes back to education and my favorite saying is “Ignorance is piss.”