I’ve been using d3.js a lot for creating data visualizations. This page is a collection of projects, examples and tutorials resulting from that work.


I’m making Blog posts and video tutorials about d3.

d3 workshop for Frontend Masters

d3 workshop for frontendmasters.com


I’m putting out “mixtapes” where I make a series of freestyle tutorials about d3 with Tributary.

dot enter mixtape

dot enter: 10 short d3.js tutorial videos

dot append mixtape

dot append: 12 d3.js tutorial videos

prototype mixtape

prototype: 11 d3.js tutorial videos

Bay Area d3 User Group

I help organize the meetup for d3.js users in the San Francisco Bay Area.

visualizing the BART labor dispute

We held a couple hack sessions focused on visualizing issues surrounding the BART labor disputes.

1024 members

When the meetup hit 1024 members I made this visualization to celebrate. With help from Miles

I have an old collection of simple, silly or illustrative examples using the fantastic bl.ocks.org