Side Projects

A historic catalogue of previous side projects. This list is mostly for posterity but may contain something of interest. The best listing of recent side projects can be found on my GitHub.


I built to help myself and others learn d3.js better. More details.


For my Master’s research at FSU I developed a real-time fluid simulator for the Blender Game Engine. OpenCL Accelerated Particle System for the Blender Game Engine

Adventures in OpenCL Tutorials

I’m developing a series of OpenCL tutorials using C++ as I am working on my Blender Particle System

Android Particles

experimenting with a simple particle system on the Android OS, written in C and OpenGL using the NDK


A CJK (Chinese-Japanese-Korean) Handwriting Recognition project. I helped design and implement the web interface. Written in Django using Python on the server, javascript/HTML/CSS on the client.
Project homepage


A pure Ruby plugin for Sketchup that imports ESRI shape (.shp) files.


A Python/PyObjc implementation of Johnny Lee’s whiteboard, using the DarwiinRemote framework. It’s not really finished since I never had an application in mind, but it demonstrates how to use python to interact with a Wiimote on Mac OS X