As a person with a high capacity for abstract thought, it makes sense that I may sometimes stay on some abstract plane (or train) of thought. When I’m programming or solving math problems, one could refer to this as being in the zone, but when dealing with people its just plain rude. Over the years I have often taken refuge in my own complex, abstract little world. I imagine elaborate systems of software, the vast possibilities created by combining this and that feature or service and the overarching trends that surround me. This has served me well academically and professionally, yet lately as I become more engaged in life around me, I’ve been finding it to be quite a hinderance.

Grand schemes and big solutions to big problems are great, but they are impossible to carry out on your own. This means dealing with other people, and other people live on Earth. I’ve found it has become increasingly important to pay more attention to the details that surround me, to not settle for the face value of statements and to read what other people may be feeling or thinking. This is not just for my own advantage, but to be more present in the lives around me. All I want is to build things, but to build just about anything from a relationship with a wonderful woman, to an organization that will revolutionize education means working with other people.

In an attempt to be more mindful of my surroundings I’m making a renewed effort to blog. Hopefully this will force me to slow down and take stock of whats going on around me by explaining it to you. I’m kicking it off with this introspective insight, but who knows what’s next! Explanations of various Scientific Computing projects? The struggles and successes of starting a non-profit providing education for at-risk youth? What I had for lunch?

Add me to your Google Reader and you’ll find out!

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