10.10 Ubuntu Release Party – Tallahassee, FL

On Saturday October 9th we celebrated the new Ubuntu version (as well as my birthday) with a big bash. My friend Nathan Crock and I know how fun Ubuntu is but we wanted everyone else to know too. The evening started with the end of the FSU vs. Miami game projected on the screen outside. 2 Kegs and a well stocked (and super hot) bartender made sure no one (21 or older) was thirsty. Inside we had a live band who went by “The Super Users” rocking out while outside Dj Ozzie played MVs on the projector. Beer pong was played and the Ubuntu Girls walked around serving shots and educating guests about the wonders of Ubuntu.

You’ll notice from the pictures that we had a nerd themed party, as well as a costume contests where winners won Ubuntu shirts. After the contest we got everyone’s attention just before midnight to say a few words about Ubuntu, sing happy birthday and count down to midnight.

After plenty of merriment it was time to make good on our Office Space promise to smash some printers! The crowd went wild as 5 of the contest winners smashed 5 printers to pieces. The winners practiced the “sharing” aspect of Ubuntu and let others take swings at the hardware

Throughout the night we had about 200 people come through including some old, and hopefully many new Ubuntu fans. It was a lot of fun, and we hope to do it bigger in April! We hope to work closely with the Florida LoCo for the next release!

We also took 3D pictures with a camera from The Department of Scientific Computing at FSU that we will have to find a way to show off (a lot of the video above was shot with the FUJI 3D camera hence the relatively low resolution)

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