5 thoughts on “[RTPS] Fluid and Rigid body interaction

  1. Reavenk

    Those velocity vectors are hypnotic. It’s like watching a large number of birds or fish migrate, mixed with a lavalamp.

  2. enj Post author

    Andrew told me he’s planning on doing a blog post about those velocity vectors. He used geometry shaders to make them

  3. MrFudimus

    great job guys, when will there be a version to test, an alpha or so, is there al ready and are there different things than fluids yet. Like Fire or so?

  4. Conzul

    This looks amazing! True Particle physics has been the only major thing lacking in the BGE. I’ve been psyching myself to learn CryEngine or UDK, but this makes me want to revisit BGE as an option. After all, why limit your product to one OS when with blender you can get it out to three or more?

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