2014: new year, new resolution

I’m at 720p, just trying to hit 4k.

I have resolved to be wrong in public more often. I feel that my fear of being wrong is limiting me from making a larger impact on the people and culture around me. Life is a process and being wrong is part of it.

I have resolved to be less accommodating. I tend to sacrifice what I want for what I think other people want. This generally has short term benefits for group dynamics but I get the feeling it ends up being less productive overall.

Both of these resolutions address problems rooted in some kind of fear, perhaps even the same fear. I have a hunch it is the fear of being misunderstood. I have been coming to terms with being misunderstood, it angers me less and less as the years pass and I center myself. The inevitability of misunderstanding has overwhelming evidence given our limited capacity for communicating clearly, as well as the natural differences in our experiences and hence perspectives.

These fears and resolutions are written here for all to see, increasing the chances that I may be reminded of my resolve when it weakens.

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