[RTPS] Master’s Thesis Defense Presentation

Hello World!

Today I became a computational science ninja master! Well, maybe not so much the ninja part, but my vim skills are starting to feel like Jedi powers.

This morning I gave an hour long presentation on my work putting a real-time fluid simulator and particle systems into Blender with OpenCL. It’s a pretty high level overview of the whole project, but I do dive into a little bit of math and CS for a few minutes so hopefully there is something for everyone who is interested in the project.

[RTPS] Master’s Defense Presentation from Ian Johnson on Vimeo.

Here are the slides I used (not so great out of context, and I have demos that go with them in the video)

As I’ve now graduated and moving to a sweet new job (more on that in the next post) my Blender and OpenCL dev will have to take a back seat and be more of a hobby. Luckily there are other talented students working with the project and it will be used in the third installment of the Game Design class at Florida State University (where Blender and the Blender Game Engine are used as the primary tool).

Much love to the whole Blender community for all the help and support throughout this project! I can’t thank my advisor, Gordon Erlebacher enough for everything he’s taught me, including how to think like a scientist. It’s the end of an era for me, in one week school will not be starting for me like it has my whole life. I’m excited by what’s in front of me and I feel like I’ve been slingshotted into the future!