Go west, young man

Now what I want you to do is visualize yourself… visualizing your data.

Can you see it? Maybe you need some help? Fret not, I’m working on it!

This week I moved from Florida to California to start work at visual.ly where we are building some awesome tools to help you visualize your data. I’m super excited to be in the mix with some of the most talented (and somehow humble) designers and hackers that I’ve ever met. I’m still struggling to accept the reality of a dream come true, after all those years of reading Hacker News I’ve actually gone two full work days hardly browsing it at all! I’ve been learning a lot, both technology and startup wise and it’s way cooler than I imagined.

To top it off, the office is a quaint old brick building in downtown San Francisco, with open space inside and Sushi Burritos right around the corner outside, it’s like I’m in office heaven.

So you wont see as many OpenCL posts out of me in the near future (c’mon WebCL!) but you will see more tutorials and thoughts on the latest in web technologies related to visualization! Right now I’m learning d3.js and backbone.js and all of the curly braces are making me itch for CoffeeScript.

Well, time to get back to coding!

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