data vis dilema

what i’d really like is to make new and interesting visualizations which communicate the results of anlaysis

but for that i need to have or do analysis

but for that i need to have well formatted data

but for that i need to have data period

2 thoughts on “data vis dilema

  1. Rylaan

    I’m just learning how to use MYSQL, D3.js, and php to do some data viz. I looked for open data, and what I found was this of all things was, a pokemon database. Well formatted data that can be analyzed and visualized!

  2. Blake Winton

    I have data, and analysis of the data, and if you wanted to take a stab at some visualizations, I’ld be happy to share it! (One of the benefits of working at an open company is that a lot of our stuff is public. :)

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